Loss Control: Security Staff

Please review the following prevention tips for security and feel free to contact EverGuard Insurance Services if you have any questions.

Staff Qualifications – Please make sure all security staff are trained in the proper procedures for checking ID and dealing with adverse situations that may arise.

Security Polices – Please have policies in place that all security staff are aware of and follow. Do not employ security staff that have a short fuse, force should always be a last resort of self defense or to prevent harm.

Physical Contact – Please instruct security staff that if force is necessary that it must be deemed reasonable (the minimum amount needed to remove a person as to prevent harm to others or the property). Security staff should not strike a patron unless it is a clear act of self defense, if things have escalated to this point police should be called.

Inside/Outside – Please have enough staff on hand to monitor the area necessary. If there are areas such as decks or patios don’t forget that these areas need to be monitored as well.

Law Enforcement – Please do not hesitate to call police if there is an issue that warrants it. In addition, staff should be instructed to never deny access to law enforcement.

Tracking Occupancy – Please do not allow the occupancy rating for the building to be exceeded. One of the primary duties of security staff is tracking occupancy to provide for a safe environment for patrons.

Removal of unruly patrons – Please ensure that if it is necessary to remove a patron from the premises that they are escorted completely off the property and not just from the building. Make sure they are left in a safe manner and if necessary advise police or arrange for a ride.

Outside staff – Please ensure that any staff hired from a security provider are properly licensed and insured before allowing them to work on premise.

Incident reporting – Please log in any incidents relating to the above on an incident report and save any video that captures the incident.

Thank you for your consideration of the above.

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