Loss Control: Liquor Liability

Please review the following prevention tips for liquor liability and feel free to contact EverGuard Insurance Services if you have any questions.

Drinking on duty – Please do not allow consumption of alcohol while on shift under any circumstances.

Checking ID – Please have a policy for checking ID if there is any doubt regarding age. ID should not only be checked at the door but at the point of sale as well. Any ID suspected of being false should be brought to the immediate attention of management.

Service to minors – Please do not serve alcohol to patrons appearing 30 years or younger without checking ID. If minors are allowed on premise and obtain alcohol through a legal adult, ask both patrons to leave immediately.

Server training – Please have all staff that serve alcohol complete an independent server training course such as TIPS within 30 days of employment. Please have documentation on file that all servers are of legal age to serve alcohol and have completed the proper training.

Over service – Please monitor patrons for intoxication and when necessary slow the pace of or stop the delivery of alcohol. If patrons insist to continue drinking when cut off inform management immediately to assist in denial of additional alcohol. Patrons that enter already intoxicated should be asked to leave.

Non alcoholic beverages – Please have a variety of non alcoholic beverages for service which provides an option for non drinkers as well as patrons who appear headed towards intoxication.

Food service – Please have food available for service at all times when alcohol is being served.

Transportation – Please have a ride home program in place for patrons that appear intoxicated.

Log book – Please keep a log behind the bar and instruct employees to note any incidents.

Incident reporting – Please log in any incidents relating to the above on an incident report and save any video that captures the incident.

Thank you for your consideration of the above.

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