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1900 West Nickerson Street
Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98119


Local: 206-352-3280
Toll-Free: 800-326-8514
Fax: 206-352-3281


Western World Insurance Company
(Policy begins with PGP)   1-201-847-8600

First Mercury Insurance Corporation
(Policy begins with FMEV) -

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Our Staff

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Thomas A. Gillingham, Managing Director 
tel. 206-352-3288
mobile 303-513-2753

 John W. Mahoney, Managing Director
tel. 206-352-3289
mobile 303-887-0822 

Jay Anderson, Underwriter

Bucky Bryan, Senior Underwriter
tel. 206-957-6559

Charlene Chiarelli, Underwriting Manager
tel. 206-352-3290

Chelsea Gould, Accounting Manager
tel. 206-957-6567

Divina "Bing" Lapurga, Administrative Assistant
tel. 206-957-6561

Kim LaMont, Underwriter
tel. 206-957-6562

Stephanie Leedy, Underwriter
tel. 206-957-6573

Michael Maher, Marketing Manager
Office tel. 973-588-4552
Mobile tel. 973-420-3338

Randall Proulx, Developer
tel: 206-957-6560

Dave Reiner, Senior Underwriter
cell: 201-509-2805
tel: 973-955-2754

Briana Reyes, Underwriting Manager
tel. 206-957-6566

Andrea Spraycar, Underwriting Assistant
tel. 206-957-6575

Sandy Taylor, Accounting Assistant
tel. 206-957-6572

Vlad Tsikhotskyy, Information Technology Manager
tel. 206-957-6574

Maria Wolfe, Underwriting Manager
tel. 206-298-3905