Loss Control: Kitchen Maintenance

Please review the following prevention tips for kitchen maintenance and feel free to contact EverGuard Insurance Services if you have any questions.

Hood and duct system – Please have hood duct systems professionally cleaned a minimum of twice a year, more frequent cleaning may be necessary depending on cooking volume. Please keep hood surfaces and filters free of grease buildup between cleanings and keep filters in place at all times when hood is in use.

Suppression system – Please have the fire suppression system serviced at the proper intervals. Each appliance must be protected by its own nozzle. EverGuard Insurance Services highly recommends the use of UL300 systems.

Deep fat fryers – Please keep fat fryers clean and clear of grease buildup. Fryers must be UL listed with an automatic high temp cut off and protected by suppression. In addition, fryers must have 16” of clearance from appliances with open flames or a splashguard which is a minimum of 8” high between it and the appliance with open flame.

Extinguishers – Please have a minimum of a 40BC fire extinguisher mounted in the kitchen, this is in addition to the extinguishers for the remainder of the building. EverGuard Insurance Services highly recommends the use of K class extinguishers for kitchen use.

Grease buildup – Please keep all kitchen surfaces free from excessive grease buildup as buildup increases the potential for fire hazard.

Cloth and rag storage – Please keep soiled and/or grease laden rags in an airtight container between cleanings to prevent the possibility of spontaneous combustion.

Ovens – Please keep ovens and pizza ovens clear of pizza boxes and other combustibles.

Incident reporting – Please log in any incidents relating to the above on an incident report and save any video that captures the incident.

Thank you for your consideration of the above.

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