EverGuard's Exclusive Program Goes Live


September 15, 2014


EverGuard Insurance Services is pleased to announce the official launch of our exclusive hospitality insurance program with First Mercury Insurance Company, A.M. Best rated A (Excellent) XIII.  Effective immediately, all new business quoted by EverGuard will be placed with First Mercury, along with any renewal business not yet quoted.  Existing policies and quotations issued on Western World paper will be honored until their natural expiration.  There will be no interruption to coverage or service for any insureds as a result of this transition.

EverGuard’s agents and insureds will continue to enjoy the same excellent, uninterrupted service that has made EverGuard a leading program administrator in the hospitality industry for over 40 years.  In addition, this exclusive EverGuard program offers:

·         Comprehensive package coverage, including general liability, liquor liability, assault and battery, property and crime

·         Broad appetite for hospitality risks, including restaurants, bars, sports bars, taverns, brewpubs, wine bars, comedy clubs, fraternal organizations and adult entertainment.

·         Competitive rates

·         In-house loss control services and risk mitigation tools

·         Premium finance options with down payments starting at 15% and continuous bill options

·         Ability to offer excess liability limits up to $10,000,000

There is nothing new your agency needs to do in order to access this exclusive program, and your commission will remain unchanged.  Please continue to submit your new and renewal business to EverGuard as usual.


For more information or to seek an agency appointment, please contact EverGuard Insurance Services: www.everguardins.com, 1900 W. Nickerson St., Suite 300, Seattle, WA, 98119, (800) 326-8514.




Loss Control: Building Maintenance

Please review the following prevention tips for building maintenance and feel free to contact EverGuard Insurance Services if you have any questions.

Systems – Please have systems inspected and upgraded on a regular basis. Keep HVAC filters clean and have units serviced and gas connections checked at proper intervals. Check plumbing for leaks and have upgrades to plumbing as necessary. Electrical systems must be protected by circuit breakers and free from knob and tube wiring. Please do not overload electrical systems by using multiple extension cords and power strips. If additional outlets are needed, please have them installed by a licensed electrical contractor. If there is a building sprinkler system, please have it serviced and inspected at the proper interval. Please keep water heaters and furnaces clear of combustible materials.

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Loss Control: Kitchen Maintenance

Please review the following prevention tips for kitchen maintenance and feel free to contact EverGuard Insurance Services if you have any questions.

Hood and duct system – Please have hood duct systems professionally cleaned a minimum of twice a year, more frequent cleaning may be necessary depending on cooking volume. Please keep hood surfaces and filters free of grease buildup between cleanings and keep filters in place at all times when hood is in use.




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Loss Control: Security Staff

Please review the following prevention tips for security and feel free to contact EverGuard Insurance Services if you have any questions.

Staff Qualifications – Please make sure all security staff are trained in the proper procedures for checking ID and dealing with adverse situations that may arise.

Security Polices – Please have policies in place that all security staff are aware of and follow. Do not employee security staff that have a short fuse, force should always be a last resort of self defense or to prevent harm.

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Loss Control: Liquor Liability

Please review the following prevention tips for liquor liability and feel free to contact EverGuard Insurance Services if you have any questions.
Drinking on duty – Please do not allow consumption of alcohol while on shift under any circumstances.
Checking ID – Please have a policy for checking ID if there is any doubt regarding age. ID should not only be checked at the door but at the point of sale as well. Any ID suspected of being false should be brought to the immediate attention of management.




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Our Incident Reporting Form: gather information and facts before a claim gets filed against you.

We're pleased to provide you with a convenient Incident Reporting Form, designed to help gather and retain relevant information quickly when you or one of your employees become aware of an accident or injury to one of your patrons. With over 40 years of experience insuring restaurants, bars and taverns, we know the importance of being pro-active in gathering initial information quickly and documenting facts accurately before a claim may be filed against you. You can download the form as well as these instructions here.

Completing and submitting an Incident Reporting Form does not mean that a formal claim has been opened or filed against you. It does, however, allow your insurance company to determine if a more complete and thorough investigation is needed. This is especially important in cases where you and your employees feel that you have done nothing wrong.

However, months or even years could pass between the actual incident and the time that a formal claim is made against you, and the insurance company may not be able to obtain key evidence that may have been available at the time of the incident. How you and your employees react immediately following an incident, regardless of fault, can make all of the difference.

Please follow the basic steps listed below any time you become aware of an injury or a situation occurs that you believe could lead to a claim, regardless of fault:

  1. Document all incidents that you become aware of, even if they do not occur on your premises, such as a traffic accident occurring after a patron has left your establishment, or a slip and fall in a public parking lot outside of your establishment.
  2. Complete the Incident Reporting Form and submit to your insurance agent as soon as possible. This is also a requirement of the insurance policy.
  3. Gather and preserve all relevant physical evidence, witness statements, video recordings and photographs.
  4. Treat all injured or upset patrons with courtesy and respect, but never admit to wrongdoing for the incident, or take responsibility or reveal other information.
  5. Do not attempt to settle an injury or grievance with a direct cash payment. This often encourages litigation and suggests guilt on your part. It is also in direct violation of the insurance policy without the insurance companies consent.
  6. If a serious injury occurs in the evening, over the weekend, or on a holiday, and you are unable to reach your insurance agent for any reason, you can receive 24 hour emergency assistance at 1-888-847-8600. Please have your policy number available when you call.

Our primary objective is to protect you, our insured, but we need your cooperation. Understanding the importance of timely and thoroughly documenting all incidents, however trivial they may seem at the time, is critical to saving you time and money should a formal claim be presented at a later date.

Should I Have Premises Medical Payments Coverage for my Hospitality Business?

One commonly misunderstood coverage in the Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy is Medical Payments coverage. When competing against EverGuard some agents may say that a business owner needs to have Medical Payments coverage, and that a policy without it is inferior or offers less protection. That is simply not true.

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