Loss Control: Building Maintenance

Please review the following prevention tips for building maintenance and feel free to contact EverGuard Insurance Services if you have any questions.

Systems – Please have systems inspected and upgraded on a regular basis. Keep HVAC filters clean and have units serviced and gas connections checked at proper intervals. Check plumbing for leaks and have upgrades to plumbing as necessary. Electrical systems must be protected by circuit breakers and free from knob and tube wiring. Please do not overload electrical systems by using multiple extension cords and power strips. If additional outlets are needed, please have them installed by a licensed electrical contractor. If there is a building sprinkler system, please have it serviced and inspected at the proper interval. Please keep water heaters and furnaces clear of combustible materials.

Exterior – Please inspect the exterior of the building on a regular basis and keep siding maintained and protected with the proper finish. Please have the roof inspected on a regular basis and make necessary repairs or replace as needed to prevent leaks and damage to the building. Please keep gutters clean and free flowing and trim any foliage away from the building as needed to prevent damage to siding or roof. Please keep the parking area free from pot holes and keep parking stops in place to keep cars from hitting siding.

Interior – Please keep items such as flooring, seating, lighting, exit equipment, bathroom fixtures and wall finishes well maintained. In addition to protecting the building this will help with issues such as slip and fall hazards.

Burglary & Fire – EverGuard Insurance Services strongly suggests the use of burglar and fire alarms as well as taped surveillance cameras both inside and outside the building. Please have a minimum of one 2A 10BC fire extinguisher per every 3,000 square feet that are serviced annually. Whenever possible please make daily bank deposits and when money is kept on site please use an adequate safe.

Incident reporting – Please log in any incidents relating to the above on an incident report and save any video that captures the incident.

Thank you for your consideration of the above.

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