Loss Control: Slip and Fall Hazards

Please review the following prevention tips for slip and fall hazards and feel free to contact EverGuard Insurance Services if you have any questions.

Proper railings – Please have proper railings of the correct dimensions located at places such as stairs/steps and ramps.

Changes in elevation – Please mark changes in elevation such as single steps, low profile stages, raised seating areas and deck/patio transitions with high visibility striping to highlight the change.

Uneven surfaces – Please make every effort to repair/replace any areas along walkways/sidewalks as well as patios/decks where the surface is not level. If not possible use striping to mark the spot.

Parking areas – Please keep parking areas clear of debris and keep hazards such as pot holes in pavement repaired or gravel graded as necessary.

Lighting – Please keep areas where there are transitions in elevation well lit.

Spills – Please clean up spills as soon as possible when notified or discovered. Have a portable sign on hand that can be placed at the spot of the spill if it cannot be cleaned immediately. Pay special attention to bathrooms and check them regularly for spills.

Elevated platforms – Please do not allow patrons to dance on elevated structures such as platforms, stages, tables or bars.

Landlord/Tenant – The above items should be addressed by the tenant if located inside of the building. Items located outside the building should be addressed by the landlord. Tenants of buildings should place the landlord on notice in writing for items located outside the building.

Ice & Snow – Please have procedures in place for the removal of ice & snow where applicable.

Incident reporting – Please log in any accidents relating to the above on an incident report and save any video that captures the incident.

Thank you for your consideration of the above.

Download a pdf copy.